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Our clients feel better about their financial decisions after conversations with us about their values, dreams, priorities and alternatives. 

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Financial Advisory and Planning

Financial issues are complex.  They may feel overwhelming.   Talking them over in the context of your personal objectives may ease the feelings.  Putting them in context for your personal situation, objectives and dreams may help while making key decisions.  Someone once said something like, "Failing to plan is as good as planning to fail."

Savings and Investments

Retirement.  Rainy day fund.  College.  A second home.  A new business.  A dream vacation.  Each person's reason to save and invest is personal.  We help to clarify the desires, specifically, by dates and amounts, then make a plan to achieve them.

Homes and Mortgages

Most people have their home, if they own one, as their most valuable asset let alone the largest single purchase of their lives.  Homes provide for a life as well as for future value (equity).  Mortgages are used in the purchase of over 2/3 of homes.  They are complex.  In retirement, home equity can help to fund the lifestyle of ones dreams.   While we do not sell or service mortgages of any type, we know good, honest people who do.  They may serve an important purpose in a person's financial circumstances. 

Life and Disability Insurance

Most people count on their earning to pay for their current lifestyles as well as fund their future hopes and dreams.  Other people may count on that monthly income also: non-earning spouses, children, elderly parents, etc.  

Home, Auto and Other Property and Liability Insurance

Insurance protects what took so long to acquire.  It is worth assuring that it will pay what you expect if ever needed.  While we do not sell or service these types of insurance, we know good, honest people who do.  They serve an important purpose in a successful financial foundation.

Long Term Care Insurance

People are living much longer than in previous generations.  Living longer requires additional financial resources to pay for care that previously might not have been needed.  That care is costing more and more each year.  Someone once said something like, "you can pay me now or you can pay me later."  There are ways to ease potentially great expenses in later life.