Personal and Family Financial Consulting

What People Say: Sincere Comments from Clients


T. and D. M. from Centennial, CO

 "[We] have been working with Tim Balfe, our financial consultant, for a few years now and his approach is unique, and something I think you would appreciate. He really gave us the opportunity to have conversations that have been instrumental in changing the way I understand our finances.   Even if you already have a financial planner or insurance agent that you're working with, Tim's role is more overarching and holistic, which I know you will appreciate."  

P.R. from Centennial, CO

  "You are so good. What a wonderful message. It is I who am grateful for you!"

S.H. from Denver, CO

"... thank you so much for being there and being a great, patient teacher!" 

S. and D. R. from Denver, CO

" Tim!!!!! You are so awesome! Thanks so much! What a cool touch. We are thankful to have you share your wisdom and insight with us!"  

K.G. from Denver, CO

"Thank you for the time we spent together.  I greatly appreciate all the help you provided over the past few years as I was ‘getting off the ground’ with [my company] and with my marriage…and thinking through and advising me on the issues associated with each and with life…I do appreciate it greatly!"